Elvis Presley Songs

Elvis Presley Biography

The amazing life story of Elvis Presley began in 1935.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January eight 1935. He was born to Vernon Presley and Gladys Presley in a simple two bedroom house in Tupelo.

Elvis Presley had a twin brother, Garon Jessie who was a stillborn. Elvis Presley was a first born and he grew up as an only one child to the humble family of Presley.


Elvis Presley and his family moved to Memphis in Tennessee that was in the year 1948 and that was the place Elvis Presley graduated for his high school certificate from Humes high school in the year 1953.

Elvis Presley Songs

In the year 1954, Elvis Presley started his singing career with the sun records situated in Memphis.

The Elvis Presley songs influences were the country music, the pop of that time, the gospel music which he usually heard from the church whenever he attend and the R$B he heard from the streets of Memphis as he was a Memphis teenager.

In the year 1955, Elvis Presley recording contract was sold to Victor RCA. In the year 1956 Elvis Presley ushered in the new era for the popular culture and the American music at whole.

Elvis Presley now was becoming an international sensation with is both style and voice being uniquely combined by the diverse music influence.

He actually challenged the racial and the social barrier of that time.

Elvis Presley had sold more than six hundred million albums and singles more than any other better artist, he also starred in thirty three films which were successful this made him really very popular and famous he also made history with his frequent appearance in the television and specials.

He knew more through his often record breaking, tours globally and in Las Vegas, concert performances. The American sales had earned him gold, multi-platinum and platinum awards.

His accolades and awards included 14 Grammy nominations, won from the National academy of Art and science recording.

In the year 1958, Elvis Presley was mustered into the military where he served his nation. He relocated to Nauheim in Germany in the same year, in Germany, he met Priscilla Ann Wagner, he fell in love with her and who he later marries.

elvis presley songs

The military service reduced his performance, but not the movie and recording income.

After settling in Hollywood, Elvis starred in more than 20 films. And also act with some most well-known characters in Hollywood.

On the 1st of February 1968, Elvis and Ann were blessed with a baby girl child, Lisa Marie Presley.

In the year 1970 Elvis made a return and did so many live concerts in Las Vegas and more sold out shows. He toured in the United States and appeared in more than 500 live concert stages.

In the same year his marriage with Priscilla ended sadly in a divorce.

Due to the divorce Elvis Presley ended up with constant travelling stress and also due to his weight increase and the stimulant dependence with the depressants taking its toll.

Elvis Presley died while he was at the age of forty two on 16th August 1977 at his house in Graceland neighboring Memphis, and since then his home as now become a shrine for beautiful flowers globally.

Love Many authors have said that Presley’s evening was busied with many different girls.

From Actress Anne she said that Elvis actually really loved sex. She had gone further to claim that Elvis loved flouncy.

It is not clear that Elvis had sex with the most ladies he dated, his first girlfriends says that they had nothing to do with sexual relationships with Elvis. It is said that when Presley was in the military, he had discovered the prostitute and had picked up the fear of sexual transmitted disease.

Elvis was not most of the time good for women this is when the adopted daughter of Crawford Joan visited Elvis.

Presley had many ladies co-stars from his films Elvis and Presley first met in the year 1952 when Elvis Presley was in U.S army.

They dated when Priscilla was only 14 years old and Presley is 24 years. The authors say that Elvis Presley was a pervert since he usually dates small girls. Elvis Presley had a young girl already in his house when they started dating with Ann.

He usually easily gets attached with teenage girls. He always loves to make them wear white panties whenever they are in bed together. Elvis was insecure and therefore dating these young girls could make him comfortable he was attached to the mother that he was not able to relate with mature ladies.

He therefore sought for young girls as he felt threatened by mature women.They got married in the year 1967 in Las Vegas. In the book Elvis and me, Priscilla pills out her daily life with Elvis Presley.

She says that Elvis Presley was addicted to prescription drugs as he was fascinated by occult; this dramatically changed their sex life style as the sex consisted of large foreplay.

They took a divorce in 1973 and agreed to share the custody of Lisa Marie. When he was left by Priscilla his career was really damaged. It is said that Elvis did not have sex with Priscilla after they got the daughter and would not have sex with a woman who had a child.

After the divorce he did not get married again, hence there was no other child for him. Among the best Elvis Presley songs was rock.


Elvis Presley Songs

He was given the name king of rock; he released the first song in the summer of 1954 “That’s all right, ” the second was the Mystery train written by Sam Phillips in the same year.

He also has the Heartbreak Hotel which he releases as the first song in RCA Victor, it was ranked number one of the year.

The burning love, suspicious mind, in the Ghetto, how great thou Art, Viva Las Vegas, Jailhouse rock and don’t be cruel are aiming in the house of fame.

The Elvis Presley songs were loved by many and up to date many people still love this Elvis Presley songs. Later in the year 1994 Lisa the daughter of Presley got married to Michael Jackson…

Elvis is KING!